Israel FIRST! is reshaping the thinking of the Blood Moons, Shemitah and Jubilee.

With forewords by Mark Biltz (Author, Blood Moons) and Nena Benigno (CBN Asia—Philippines)

It wasn’t easy to stand out amongst the foreboding and proclaim God’s hope in the Blood Moons, God’s patience in the Shemitah cycle, and God’s restoration in the Coming Jubilee.

Why has God, so far, blessed the accuracy of this book? Perhaps because we view everything through the lens of Israel First!

But only half of this book has come to pass! The other predictions are due THIS YEAR and beyond!

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“Here is a unique book written by two unique people, an Orthodox Israeli Jew and an American Evangelical Christian. From them you will get answers to your many questions.”
“Every lover of the Scriptures interested in the future of man should have this information and can do no better than to begin with this book.”
“Besides the meaty content, Israel FIRST! truly breaks new ground as a prophecy book written jointly by an Orthodox Israeli and an evangelical Christian.”
Christine Darg, The Jerusalem Channel
“This is a very welcomed, scholarly project that will no doubt strengthen Jewish-Christian relations, in times when both respective groups are being marginalized. I cannot recommend this work highly enough. I too look forward to times of spiritual enrichment through the study of this material.”
“A book which makes the Bible relevant by connecting Jewish and Christian beliefs is to be lauded.”
Dr. Susanna Kokkonen
“True Biblical understanding can only be found from the perspective of Israel FIRST!”
Rev. Gary Cristofaro
“Read the book and be informed regarding the scientific, historic and biblically prophetic aspects of this pivotal season of history.”
Keren Hannah Pryor


Gidon Ariel
Gidon Ariel
Gidon Ariel is the founder and CEO of Root Source. Gidon made Aliyah to Israel in 1978 at age 14, and spent close to a decade in advanced Jewish studies institutes (Yeshivas) and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Raised as an Orthodox Jew and still one, Gidon has kept Jewish traditions his entire life. Quite unexpectedly, in 2005, he felt a personal call from Hashem (God) to begin to reach out to Christians in friendship, to bless and educate them about Jewish life, thought, and insights about Hebrew Scriptures.
Bob O'Dell
Bob O'Dell
Bob O’Dell is an evangelical Christian, former high-tech executive with Motorola and Wintegra, and astronomy enthusiast. Living in Texas, he has worked with Israeli Jews for over 25 years. Gidon and Bob founded Root Source to promote Gidon’s vision of Israeli Jews teaching Christians worldwide.

About Root Source


Israel FIRST! is published by Root Source Press, a project of Root Source.

Today, more and more Christians and Jews are hearing the divine call to wake up and engage with one another.

Root Source is answering that call: Knowledgeable, Orthodox Israeli Jews teaching Christians around the world online about Jewish concepts, ideas and thought, to more deeply understand the roots of their faith, in an informal and loving manner.

Root Source enables and encourages dialogue and relationships between Christians and Jews, and empowers Christians to learn like Jews have been learning for centuries. Our Israeli Jewish teachers know you are a Christian, and respect your identity and your faith. Root Source gives you access to world-class Jewish biblical teaching online, helping you learn deeper and reach higher in your Christian faith, with the opportunity to ask any question openly.

Our members are often surprised at how quickly they can learn deeper biblical truths from Orthodox Jewish teachings and directly and practically apply those teachings to their own Christian faith. Current and planned courses cover topics such as Jewish Prayer, Torah and Hebrew Scripture, Jewish Life, Hebrew Language, History of Israel, and Jewish interpretation of current events.

Check out our website, our general FAQ and our For Pastors pages for further information.

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